USA-Hacks .... es ist ziemlich spannend hier.

USA-2023-08-19 525

Mumbai, Mankind at Work, Thema der heutigen Sendung. Nächste Ausgabe am 30. September.

USA-2023-07-08 524

Kurzbesuch in der Schweiz, ein Thema der heutigen Sendung. Sommerpause bis zum 19ten August.

  • Mechanical Turk workers are using AI to automate being human link
  • Scams upon scams: The data-driven advertising grift link
  • How Threads’ privacy policy compares to Twitter’s (and its rivals’) link

USA-2023-06-24 523

Krimi, Süchtig nach Spannung, ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • The search for the lost sub pushed up against the limits of tech and physics link
  • Drones take to the waves: Saildrones are getting data where people can’t link
  • Delivering high-quality facial animation in minutes, MetaHuman Animator is now available! link
  • Learn about visionOS link

USA-2023-06-10 522

Apple-Fan-Boy, Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • MS Build 2023: Scott and Mark Learn to Code link
  • LLMs are good at playing you link
  • YouTube: I tried Vision Pro And Saw The Future Of Filmmaking link

USA-2023-05-27 521

Langes Wochenende, Zeit zum Reflektieren und Träumen, Thema dieser Sendung.

  • AETHER Rally Pioneertown link
  • SpaceX launches 10th crewed mission, third fully commercial flight link
  • YouTube: The Leica Q3 - A new era of digital cameras? link
  • Great Design: This Audio Recording Device with Analog Controls link

USA-2023-05-13 520

AI, AI, AI das Thema der heutigen Sendung mit Roberta.

  • Google Keynote (Google I/O ‘23) link

USA-2023-04-29 519

Distracted, Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Thomas Zurbuchen link
  • Google to Ban Financial Lending Apps From Accessing User Photos, Contacts link
  • On the Road to Failure link
  • The Inside Story of ChatGPT’s Astonishing Potential - Greg Brockman - TED link
  • We Aren’t Close To Creating A Rapidly Self-Improving AI link

USA-2023-04-15 518

The Future is Analog, Teil 2, Diskussion mit Rosanna, Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Datenschutz-Plaudereien - Verbot von ChatGPT in Italien link
  • The Future Is Analog, How to Create a More Human World link

USA-2023-04-01 517

Leider wieder Large-Language-Models, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • The Future of Work With AI - Microsoft March 2023 Event link
  • Hi, ich bin Clara, ein Chatbot und arbeite als digitale Assistentin bei Helvetia! link
  • (2021) How Large Language Models Will Transform Science, Society, and AI link
  • Microsoft reveals how it’s putting ads in Bing’s AI chatbot link
  • Google Bard is switching to a more ‘capable’ language model, CEO confirms link

USA-2023-03-18 516

Die Zukunft ist Analog - Audio - Der Banker - Die Natur, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • The overfitted brain: Dreams evolved to assist generalization link
  • Analogue Audio Association, Schweiz link
  • Der Reperateur link

USA-2023-02-18 515

It is complicated .. Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Flare Moustache link
  • Swiss to vote on preventing cashless society, pressure group says link
  • Patrick Odier: “Switzerland cannot hide behind neutrality” link
  • Do Not feed the Google link
  • Germany Raises Red Flags About Palantir’s Big Data Dragnet link
  • Open Source Intelligence link
  • Judging The Internet: The Supreme Court’s Upcoming Cases On Platform Regulation link

USA-2023-02-04 514

Frequenzen und Good Vibes, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Virus TI Desktop link
  • ChatGPT entlarven link
  • Richard Socher, was denken Maschinen? link
  • Paramotoring with Richard Socher link

USA-2023-01-21 513

Jahr started schnell und holperig, Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • ChatGPT Has Investors Drooling—but Can It Bring Home the Bacon? link
  • The ‘Enemies List’ at Madison Square Garden link
  • A distributed vulnerability database for Open Source link
  • For a Change, Pininfarina Designs a Slow, Square Vehicle link
  • Wyoming Republicans take a stand, want to ban electric cars link
  • From start to finish, Sunday’s Falcon Heavy launch delivered spectacular imagery link

USA-2023-01-07 512

Coole Dinge in 2023? .. Thema der heutigen Sendung

  • San Francisco fällt aus allen Wolken link
  • Introducing ChatGPT! link
  • AFEELA link
  • ZF’s exothermic seat belts could help EVs go 15 percent farther link

USA-2022-12-24 511

Weihnachts Sendung mit Roberta.

  • Can Child Care Be a Big Business? Private Equity Thinks So. link
  • TikTok Spied On Forbes Journalists link
  • ByteDance fired four employees who accessed US journalists’ TikTok data link
  • The Every link
  • Meta and Alphabet lose dominance over US digital ads market link

USA-2022-12-10 510

"Sounds reasonable", Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • ChatGPT’s Fluent BS Is Compelling Because Everything Is Fluent BS link
  • Talking About Large Language Models [pdf] link
  • Elon Musk’s Twitter Files Are a Feast for Conspiracy Theorists link
  • Neuralink Show and Tell, Fall 2022 [YouTube] link
  • Stable Diffusion with Core ML on Apple Silicon link
  • Inside The High-Stakes Strategy Behind a Porsche 911 Launch [YouTube] link

USA-2022-11-26 509

Vorweihnächtliche Unruhe, Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Amazon Alexa is a “colossal failure,” on pace to lose $10 billion this year link
  • Tax prep websites have been sending sensitive financial data to Facebook link
  • WhatsApp data leak: 500 million user records for sale link
  • Track NASA’s Artemis Mission in Real Time link

USA-2022-11-12 508

Wüste, böse Firmen und CEOs, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • FTX says ‘unauthorized transactions’ drained millions from the exchange link
  • Glencore Entered Guilty Pleas to Foreign Bribery and Market Manipulation Schemes link

USA-2022-10-29 507

"Are you read for you Hyperreal Self", Thema der heutigen Sendung,

  • Meta Connect 2022 link
  • How to use RealityCapture to scan yourself for Mesh to MetaHuman link
  • Every anyone link
  • Tesla AI Day 2022 link
  • Stunning new Webb Telescope image showcases the “Pillars of Creation” link

USA-2022-10-15 506

New Orleans und zurück in die Zukunft, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Meta Quest Pro link
  • Microsoft’s AR glasses aren’t cutting it with US soldiers, says leaked report link
  • Elektron Digitakt link
  • GoFSR Aspen Rooftop Tent link
  • Microlino Car link

USA-2022-09-17 505

"Big Announcements", das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Ethereum, The Merge link
  • Liquidity Risk Is a Side Effect of Ethereum Crypto Upgrade link
  • Use Emergency SOS via satellite on your iPhone 14 link
  • Dynamic Island link
  • Apple Watch Ultra link

USA-2022-09-03 504

"The Anomaly of Cheap Complexity" und "Sh.. Technology Adoption Curve", Themen der heutigen Sendung

  • The Anomaly of Cheap Complexity link
  • HP 85A link
  • Workplace surveillance is coming for you link

USA-2022-08-20 503

Covid und ich, ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

USA-2022-07-09 502

Fake-, Multi-, Parallel-Realitäet, Themen der heutigen Sendung. Sommerpause bis 20. August.

  • PARALLEL REALITY™ unlocks simpler, personalized airport experience for Detroit customers link
  • MisappliedSciences link
  • CAVE - Cave automatic virtual environment link
  • The virtual reality cave: Behind the scenes at KeckCAVES [YouTube] link
  • LaMDA: our breakthrough conversation technology link

USA-2022-06-25 501

Und "The Saga Begins", ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible link
  • Call Attendant link
  • Solana Saga link
  • The Saga Begins [YouTube] link
  • Selfie link

USA-2022-06-11 500

"Apple, thank you for having me", Thema der 500sten Sendung.

USA-2022-05-21 499

"To Have and Have Not", Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Apple’s Latest Ad Is a Brutal Takedown of Everything Wrong With the Internet as We Know It link
  • I tried to buy an Olive Garden NFT. All I got was heartburn. link
  • Mechanical Watch link
  • Why Are Watches So Expensive? I Went To Switzerland To Find Out link
  • Don’t expect large language models like the next GPT to be democratized link
  • Restoring and attributing ancient texts using deep neural networks link
  • Dropout link

USA-2022-05-07 498

London, Stockholm, AI und Meta, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Aether Rally - Pioneertown link
  • HAI Conference - Foundation Models link
  • HAI Conference - Physical/Simulated World link
  • Meta has built a massive new language AI - and it’s giving it away for free link
  • Nvidia Maxine - AI for Video Conferencing link
  • Metaverse mortgages are real and they can leave you bankrupt - here’s how link

USA-2022-04-09 497

Weltraum, Autos und gelangeweilte Affen, die Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • A SpaceX tourism mission just arrived at the ISS. Here’s everything you need to know link
  • Sunspot Activity on The Sun Is Seriously Exceeding Official Predictions link
  • Audi Owner Finds Basic HVAC Function Paywalled After Pressing the Button for It link
  • Gold Bronze Metallic Paint To Sample 911 GT3 Timelapse link
  • Bored Ape’s New ApeCoin Puts NFTs’ Power Problem on Display link

USA-2022-03-26 496

Lädeli-Sterbe, Globalisation, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Eurocats - Surfen Multimedia link
  • Can TV take down the cult of the tech founder? link
  • A Closer Look at the LAPSUS$ Data Extortion Group link
  • A mysterious satellite hack has victims far beyond Ukraine link
  • When Software Engineering Meets Quantum Computing link

USA-2022-03-12 495

Multi-Media .. das Thema der heutigen Sendung?

  • Anno 1608 - ein Rucksacktourist entdeckt die Schweiz link
  • Escape from the Office - Apple at Work link
  • Onewheel link
  • Geburtstagskuchen-Kaktus link
  • Alien-Pflanze link

USA-2022-02-26 494

Verwirrte Zeiten, Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber - Review link

USA-2022-02-12 493

Von Death Valley zu Starbase, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Tesla rollback of “Rolling Stop” feature link
  • SpaceX just lost 40 satellites to a geomagnetic storm. There could be worse to come. link
  • SpaceX: Starbase & Starship Update link

USA-2022-01-29 492

QR-Code, Hyundai, SBB, nur ein paar der Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • So funktioniert ein QR-Code link
  • Scammers put fake QR codes on parking meters to intercept parkers’ payments link
  • IRS Will Soon Require Selfies for Online Access link
  • Hyundai Just Issued A Recall For A Hilariously Unexpected Dashboard Issue link
  • Building Deep Trust as a Foundation of Team Effectiveness (feat. Christopher Michel) link

USA-2022-01-15 491

Web3 und missbrauchte Technologie, ein Thema der heutigen Sendung:

  • Don’t look up link
  • Paul Cradley Carr: 1414 link
  • How Does The Guardtime KSI Blockchain Work? link
  • My first impressions of web3 link

USA-2022-01-01 490

2022 das Jahr von … Thema der heutigen Sendung mit Roberta.

USA-2021-12-18 489

Log4J natürlich ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Trackerd, mein Tech-Blog link
  • Log4J Cheat-sheet link
  • Swift Playgrounds link
  • iOS 15.2 Features link

USA-2021-12-04 488

Such-Maschinen und Privacy@Home, Theme der heutigen Sendung.

  • link
  • trooia link
  • neeva link
  • Diffbot link
  • Rafael Zeier: Apple Watch richtig einrichten: Schritt für Schritt! Tipps und Fallen! link
  • What is Apple Private Relay and is it worse than a VPN? link
  • IKEA Home Smart system link
  • The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made link

USA-2021-11-20 487

Ein Misch-Masch von Themen und meine neue Id E-S-9-7-B-X-7-J, alles Teil der heutigen Sendung.

  • Tesla app outage locked some owners out of their cars link
  • The first-ever cashierless Starbucks is now open in NYC link
  • Double-Wristing: A Guide For The Perplexed link
  • Why Zillow Couldn’t Make Algorithmic House Pricing Work link
  • When algorithms go bad: Zillow, Amazon, Facebook and the pitfalls of rampant automation link

USA-2021-11-06 486

"Turn a blind eye" und Privatsphäre, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • link
  • Saildrone link
  • These Robots Follow You to Learn Where to Go link
  • link

USA-2021-10-23 485

Google und Microsoft, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Leaving Google link
  • Project R - Github link
  • Microsoft angers the .NET open source community with a controversial decision link
  • Microsoft 365 will tell your boss if you’re misbehaving online link
  • Microsoft VSCode Dev link

USA-2021-10-09 484

Ray-Ban Stories und Amazon Astro, einige der Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • ATARI ST still manages Campground Reservations after 36 years link
  • Facebook - Project Aria Update link
  • How Facebook prepared for the next ‘glasshole’ backlash link
  • Facebook Ray-Ban Stories - Privacy link
  • Amazon Astro Bot link
  • Amazon Astro Privacy link

USA-2021-09-25 483

Ferien in der Schweiz und Analog, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

USA-2021-08-21 482

Apple Backdoor, Selbstregulierung und Farm Live, Themen der heutigen Sendung vor der Sommer-Pause, zurück am 25. September.

  • What a $600m heist tells us about the future of crypto link
  • Tesla AI Day link
  • Clarkson’s Farm link

USA-2021-08-07 481

Instagram, Apple, Pixar, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • No Filter, The Inside Story of Instagram link
  • Apple explains how iPhones will scan photos for child-sexual-abuse images link
  • CSAM Detection - Technical summary link
  • Stylization in Animation - A Panel with Pete Docter link

USA-2021-07-24 480

Objekt-orientiert, Low-Code oder Copilot, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Object-oriented programming is dead. Wait, really? link
  • Low code: A promising trend or a Pandora’s Box? link
  • Apache NiFi link
  • Github Copilot link
  • Copilot Telemetry Terms link
  • The Road to Software 2.0 or Data‑Centric AI link

USA-2021-07-10 479

Der Wert eines Menschenlebens, Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Roger de Weck: “Ich bleibe trotz allem ein Kulturoptimist” link
  • No Filter - The Inside Story of Instagram link
  • Business-Movers: The Enlightenment of Steve Jobs link

USA-2021-06-26 478

Road-trip Redwood City - Chicago, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

USA-2021-06-12 477

Chat mit Roberta über Tracking und Privacy, Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Have I been pwned link
  • IPFS link
  • A high-level overview of the InterPlanetary File System link
  • Hello IPFS link

USA-2021-05-29 476

Back to Work Sale, ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Transitioning from Chrome Apps link
  • Gaia Maps link
  • inReach link
  • Unreal Engine 5 brings fresh eye candy and patchable MetaSounds DSP link
  • Virgin Galactic spaceplane makes it to boundary of space on third test flight link

USA-2021-05-15 475

Vom Taycan zum F35, einige der Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S link
  • SitRep: Is the F-35 officially a failure? link
  • Brydge Keyboards for (older) iPads link
  • Ungoogled Chromium: Datensendeverhalten Desktop-Version – Browser-Check link
  • Google Cloud Platform Subprocessors/Contractors link
  • The secrets of the immortal jellyfish, Earth’s longest-living animal link

USA-2021-05-01 474

Reise in die Wüste und nach New York, Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Mars Relay Network Connects Us to NASA’s Martian Explorers link
  • iOS 14.5’s best features: 19 things to try on your iPhone ASAP link
  • IWC - Wikipedia link
  • The Great Cloudwall: Weshalb Cloudflare ein Krebsgeschwür ist link

USA-2021-04-10 473

Covid-Impfung und Nachhaltigkeit, einige der Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • AudioKanzlei link
  • Monocle Radio link
  • The state of Android Auto in 2021: Test driving Google’s app in the VW ID.4 link
  • Am I FLoCed? link
  • Fleeceware link
  • Nachhaltigkeit link

USA-2021-03-27 472

Von Selbstbestimmung zu NFTs, Thema der heutigen Sendung

  • Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Chrome After New Privacy Disclosure link
  • Adieu Gmail, GMX, Outlook und Co. – Digitale Selbstbestimmung Teil 1 link
  • What can designers learn from NFTs? link
  • What are NFTs? Non-fungible tokens explained like you’re 5 link

USA-2021-03-13 471

Durcheinander, das Thema der Sendung.

  • MailMate link
  • Cadillac Super-Cruise link
  • what3words link
  • OpenStreetMap Live Updates link
  • A hacker who exposed Verkada’s surveillance camera snafu has been raided link
  • The mesmerizing joy of the internet’s always-on livecams link
  • QHack 2021: Ben Bartlett—How to Train Your Photons: Adventures in Optical Machine Learning link

USA-2021-02-27 470

Insourcing versus Outsourcing, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • WhatsApp and most alternatives share the same problem link
  • Google moves away from the XMPP open-messaging standard link
  • Wie Google versucht, die Sympathie der Verlage zu erkaufen link
  • Nasa Mars Perseverance Rover link
  • Eagle Transporter [Space:1999] link

USA-2021-02-13 469

Von Android zu America's Cup, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Freematics link
  • Robinhood and Citadel’s relationship comes into focus as Washington vows to examine stock-market moves link
  • Telegram link
  • Signal: Server-Sourcecode auf GitHub älter als 9 Monate link
  • America’s Cup link

USA-2021-01-30 468

Elon und Erich, Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • An Absurdly Basic Bug Let Anyone Grab All of Parler’s Data link
  • Stanford: Parler’s First 13 Million Users link
  • Stanford: The Storming of the Capitol and the Future of Free Speech Online link
  • A Look at iMessage in iOS 14 link
  • Tesla’s new Model S will automatically shift between park, reverse, and drive link
  • SpaceX launches a record-breaking mission, sends laser-linked Starlink satellites to the polar orbit link
  • SpaceX Starship link
  • VS Code Day Keynote - Erich Gamma link
  • Remote Development with Visual Studio Code link

USA-2021-01-16 467

Regieren ueber eine werbebasierte Kommunikations-Infrastruktur? .. ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • The Right’s Message to Silicon Valley: “Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee” link
  • A Few More Thoughts On The Total Deplatforming Of Parler & Infrastructure Content Moderation link

USA-2021-01-02 466

Eine Sendung in 2 Akten.

  • Malvertising: Online advertising’s darker side link
  • When Big Brands Stopped Spending On Digital Ads, Nothing Happened. Why? link
  • Threema - Client is Open Source link
  • Estonia built one of the world’s most advanced digital societies. During COVID-19, that became a lifeline. link
  • Medium link
  • Scryer Prolog link
  • Artichoke - Rust/Ruby link
  • InfluxDB link
  • Unity Machine Learning Agents link

USA-2020-12-19 465

CH-Alptraum und Kreativität, einige der Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • USA Today: COVID-19 gave this Ohio family a ‘sucker punch.’ Powerful family emails show how tragedy unfolded. link
  • Kuketz Blog: Messenger Matrix link
  • Threema link
  • The data that apps use to track you, according to Apple link
  • Facebook: Free as in Bullshit link
  • Nannou: creative coding with Rust link

USA-2020-12-05 464

Die Kunst ein Egoist zu sein, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Die Kunst, ein Egoist zu sein link
  • Ischgliich link
  • Session Strings - Native Instruments link
  • We read the paper that forced Timnit Gebru out of Google. Here’s what it says link
  • Stanford - Report of the Working Group on Platform Scale link
  • Ballarat Video link
  • Photo Ballarat Campground link
  • Photo Panamint Valley link
  • Photo Red Rock Canyon Campground 1 link
  • Photo Red Rock Canyon Campground 2 link

USA-2020-11-21 463

Ein Wochenende in der Wüste das Thema der Sendung.

  • Ballarat, California link
  • Redrock Canyon State Park link

USA-2020-11-07 462

Ding Dong the Witch is gone .. ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Einfach mal Ruhe! link
  • Bersem iPad Screen Protector link
  • Finally, You Can Get a Porsche 911 Turbo S to Match Your Private Jet link

USA-2020-10-24 461

Menschlicher Erfindergeist, ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • People expect technology to suck because it actually sucks link
  • Adobe MAX link
  • HomePod Mini link
  • Nokia selected by NASA to build first ever cellular network on the Moon link
  • Algo VPN link

USA-2020-10-10 460

Roesti ein Thema der heutigen Sendung?

  • Stanford HAI Fall Conference link
  • Open Source Intelligence link
  • 10 rules for the career of your dreams link

USA-2020-09-26 459

Feinstaub und Kathedralen, einige der Themen der heutigen Sendung mit Pascal.

  • Windy Forecast link
  • IQAir AirVisual Pro link
  • Hoobs Home-Automation link
  • Always take the weather with you mit Mathias Müller von Meteoblue link

USA-2020-09-12 458

Bay Area on Mars, ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Apocalypse on their mind: Bay Area transfixed by foreboding, orange, smoke-choked skies link
  • Red Redwood City link
  • Big Basin - Vorher link
  • Big Basin - Nachher link
  • Gaia GPS / Maps link
  • SwissTopo App link
  • Mac Console use it for multiple apple devices link
  • Scorbit link
  • Unifi Mesh link

USA-2020-08-29 457

Fairness im Internet und Feuer, einige der Themen der heutigen Sendung

  • CZU August Lightning Complex link
  • Redwoods survive wildfire at California’s oldest state park link
  • Objective-See link
  • Epic files suit against Apple after Fortnite pulled from iOS App Store link
  • Facebook Says Apple’s iOS 14 Anti-Tracking Features Will Cut 50% of its Audience Network Ad Revenue link
  • Chromium’s impact on root DNS traffic link
  • Top tips for automotive rendering in Unreal Engine link
  • IPU-Machine: IPU-M2000 link

USA-2020-08-15 456

California Summer, nur eines der Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Yosemite and the First National Park link
  • Origin of Word Yosemite link
  • Fairline F//Line 33 link
  • Project Gemini link
  • Hazu link
  • Statement by Jeff Bezos to the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary link

USA-2020-08-01 455

Zahlen, eines der Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Big Basin Redwoods State Park link
  • Wunderlich Park link
  • Lernplattformen fordern nachhaltige Finanzierung link
  • Datenschutz bei Microsoft Teams link
  • Leica Store Miami link

USA-2020-07-18 454

20 Jahre Chaos mit Roberta und Rosanna, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

USA-2020-07-04 453

Die Schweiz das Texas von Europa oder die Schweiz ein Teenager von reichen Eltern, eines der Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Wenn dir Google beim Atmen zuhört link
  • Dronen Regeln in Kanada link

USA-2020-06-20 452

Intercontinental Covid Update und Podcast Tips mit Pascal, das die Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Audio Hijack link
  • Rode NT-USB Mini link
  • RSS Feed Validation link
  • Wasabi S3 Store link

USA-2020-06-06 451

Lockdown, Curfew, Furlough, SpaceX ein paar Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • San Mateo County COVID-19 Data link
  • Tour SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spaceship in orbit with NASA’s Demo-2 astronauts link
  • Video: Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory link

USA-2020-05-23 450

Realitäts-Vielfalt, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Steiger Legal Lesenswerte Juristische Weblinks link
  • Kameloon link
  • Pihole 40 link
  • New York Times Phasing Out All 3rdparty Advertising Data link
  • Video How To Be Alone link
  • Video Nvidia Marbles Rtx link

USA-2020-05-09 449

Corona Update und Gedanken, das Thema der Sendung.

  • Wearing Masks may have a suprising unintended consequence link
  • I just flew it was worse that I thought it would be link
  • Seattle to permanently close 20 miles of streets to traffic so residents can exercise and bike on them link

USA-2020-04-25 448

Machine Learning und AI, ein Gespräch mit Pascal, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

USA-2020-04-11 447

Live/Life on Zoom mit Rosanna, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • The COVID-19 shutdown is making weather prediction more difficult link
  • Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free link
  • YouTube: Jimmy Fallon on ‘Bright Minded’ with Miley Cyrus link

USA-2020-04-04 446

Pascal und ich möchten euch unsere Test Sendung nicht vorenthalten.

USA-2020-03-28 445

Creative Tech und Corona mit Roberta, das Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • San Mateo Health Order (pdf) link
  • Game Development - Getting Started with Unity link

USA-2020-03-14 444

Europa-Reise und Corona, die Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Worldometers - Corona link

USA-2020-02-22 443

Privacy, ein ständiges Thema, auch der heutigen Sendung.

  • Krankenkasse setzt auf Dr. med. Whatsapp link
  • Flaws in WhatsApp’s desktop app allowed remote access to files link
  • Elektron link
  • Health On the Net Foundation’s Privacy policy link
  • How to Automatically Turn Off iPhone or iPad Wi-Fi When You Leave Home link
  • IDrive link
  • Cryptomator link
  • Facebook will now pay you for your voice recordings link
  • HOAXY link
  • Kirkwood Skiing link

USA-2020-02-08 442

Gadgets und Made in Switzerland, die Themen der heutigen Sendung.

  • Unifi Wireless Network link
  • Moment link
  • Nomad link
  • Salt Apple TV Remote link
  • Hoops link
  • Philips patched a longstanding Hue bulb security flaw link
  • Flaws in WhatsApp’s desktop app allowed remote access to files link
  • Cyberduck link
  • Q-Server - NZZ link
  • IA Writer link

USA-2020-01-25 441

Privatsphäre futsch, das Thema bespreche ich mit Rosanna in der heutigen Sendung.

  • Hey Siri, chasch du Schwiizerdüütsch? link
  • RODECaster Pro link
  • Hudson Yards link
  • Related Companies, Private Policy link
  • That picture you took at The Vessel? Related owns it. link
  • One Nation Tracked link
  • Apple iCloud Encryption link
  • Apple Privacy link

USA-2020-01-11 440

Gadgets, ein Thema der heutigen Sendung.

  • Radmesser link
  • Plötzlich blinkt es an der VBZ-Haltestelle hektisch link
  • British Sports Cars link
  • Fisker Ocean link
  • Lawrence Lessig - They don’t represent us link
  • Stanford: The Strike on Qassem Soleimani: Implications for Iran, the Middle East and the World link
  • California’s groundbreaking privacy law takes effect in January. What does it do? link